Brand Positioning

If you are looking for a brand positioning that is more than just a clunky tagline, then search no further.

Brand Positioning Strategy

Many agencies lay claim to do “branding,” but they usually stop at logos and stationery designs. Incycle Marketing provides a full brand consulting experience that defines your “thing”, and we bring it to life through a proven clever combination of creative principles and innovative activation plans that drive results. It’s often complex, hard, and elusive. Yet, it’s fun. It’s the difference between a static tagline and a unique brand experience that scares your competition and engages your audience. It’s the reason our clients come to us when they need expertise in brand positioning.

What Is Positioning?

Positioning can be defined as finding a space in the market for a company that is intrinsic to the way it does business. A positioning strategy is really a business strategy, not just a communications strategy or a marketing strategy. It articulates what solution you offer to a customer’s problems, needs and desires, and which markets or customer segments you serve.

Proven Leadership

We lead our clients through a core set of brand building principles that guide our strategic and creative thinking. The result of years of experience and research, these time-tested principles set the foundation for successful brand positioning.

Brand and position are two sides of the same coin. Without positioning, brand value isn’t sustainable, as the position itself is where a brand’s fundamental difference, and hence its value is created.

A brand campaign without a positioning strategy is marketing on a whim and a prayer. Most companies wouldn’t launch products without conducting due diligence on their competitors and the market. Yet many surprising fly blind with their brands, placing their market value at risk.

Create A Seductive Brand Image

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