Content Management System Creation and integration

Our Content Management System team can integrate a high-capability, cost-effective CMS into your website or create a custom designed CMS for more complex projects.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Does your brand require an open sourced solution or does it need a tailor-made Content Management Solution?
Selecting the right Content Management System for your website is one of the most critical decisions you will make when framing your website specifications. There are a plethora of CMS options available to select from. Aligning your website's objectives with the right CMS will be crucial to determining your website’s productivity and scalability.

From configuring off-the-shelf CMS module to building a fully tailor-made, customized CMS solution to cater for more demanding sites in need of an advanced range of functionality or scalability parameters, our content management system team can develop the right solution for your needs.

While the scale and complexity involved in designing and developing a fully customized CMS are significantly higher than tweaking and off-the-shelf option, the flexibility and powerful functionality that comes with a customized design more than compensates for the additional development work and costs involved.

All of Incycle Marketing’s CMS solutions prioritize user-friendly interfaces and come with a WYSIWYG interface. These interfaces enable website administrators to modify a ‘mirror’ template-based editing version of the website and walk it through an approval process prior to uploading the new content with a single click.

Selecting The Best CMS For Your Brand

Selecting the most appropriate CMS for your website involves a combination of short-term objectives with long-term planning. Industry research is a useful place to start gathering insights into the pluses and minuses around off-the-shelf content management system platform options.

It also important that you share your business’ goals and strategy with our website design and development team so we can include this information in our thinking during the design and configuration decision-making process.

In some instances, a seemingly obvious choice may not provide the best long-term option for your business. Lack of ongoing support or failure to keep up with technological innovations around a platform can result in painful re-development costs and lost time. Our team will assess your business needs and help you understand our thought processes behind our CMS recommendation.

cms website creation integration

In evaluating potential CMS platforms consider your answers to the following questions:

  • Are you looking for a free, open sourced platform?
  • Do you require a CRM tool or other automated marketing functionality such as Email Marketing to be a part of your website?
  • Is mobile a major market for you and are you planning to use the same website content on your mobile versions?
  • Are you looking to integrate automation into your website e.g. downloads or email automation?
  • Are you looking to personalize the visitor experience for individual website visitors?
  • Is an e-commerce or e-store option a capability you are looking at now or in the future?
  • Who will be managing your website’s content?
  • Will you require ongoing and potentially complex modifications to your website?

The Website Redesign MUST Haves

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cms website creation integration