Digital Marketing strategy Creation

The jumping off point for any Digital Marketing initiative is a strategy. Our Digital Marketing Strategy Creation Agency specializes in creating compelling, cut-through digital marketing strategies for businesses that differentiate their brands throughout the Gulf region.

Creating A Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Business

We understand what makes a sound, effective digital marketing strategy creation. Incycle Marketing’s approach works for businesses of any size, operating in any industry. Our strategy work can form the lead-in element of a more in-depth engagement, or as a standalone service, for brands with the internal capabilities and expertise to execute the strategy.

What’s Included In A Digital Marketing Strategy?

Digital Marketing strategy Creation
  • Client Profile: Mapping your products, services and differentiating points against your competitive set.
  • Customer Persona Development: Who are your target or desired customers, what are their behaviors, where do they hang out online, how can they be targeted by digital marketing activities.
  • Competitive Analysis: What are your key competitors employing digital marketing strategically and how effective are they?
  • Digital Go-To-Market Strategy: From the key strategic elements and anchors through to implementation activities, execution approaches, marketing channels, messaging, publishing calendars, and timelines and with actionable activities.
  • Monitoring and Measuring Dashboard: Key campaign performance indicators, targets, and planned versus actual outcomes.
  • Breakdown of the recommended budget
  • Expected results based on the strategy framework. Includes provision ROI projections.

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Digital Marketing strategy Creation