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Develop and execute a strategically sound email marketing campaign to complement your digital marketing initiatives.

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Email marketing has evolved and matured since it was first introduced. New methodologies and techniques have ensured email marketing remains a useful option in the digital marketing toolkit. We increasingly inhabit an online world where social media and email play a major part of how we stay connected with clients, colleagues, friends, and family. Email marketing has evolved, reflecting these social changes and it continues to play a tactical role in engaging with new website visitors, providing a call-to-action for prospects and re-connecting with customers. Email marketing’s sweet spot lies in sympathetically reflecting your brand’s values and personality.

The Key To A Successful Email Marketing:

Email Marketing Services

It seems as if email marketing has been with us as long as the Internet itself. As technology has evolved, so too email marketing has reinvented itself and remains a go-to option for digital marketers. If you are assessing how email marketing fits with your business, consider these five tips:

  • Use email marketing to attract website visitors by offering a lead magnet such as a free eBook or whitepaper as part of a structured campaign. This approach is far more effective than mass generic email campaigns.
  • Nurturing emails sharing high-quality content enjoy higher click-through rates than standard emails.
  • Leverage your contacts database from social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn by integrating them into your email list marketing activity.
  • Mass email campaign “open” rates are declining with typical marketing campaign open rates now hovering around 20%. So, barely one in five recipients are likely to open a generic email.
  • Of those who open your email, only 15 percent are likely to click on your call to action. So, only three people out of every hundred generic email recipients will click on a link in your email.


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Email Marketing Services