Social Media Advertising Service

Complement your brand’s organic social reach with a social media advertising campaign to engage your target audience. Incycle partners with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, Pinterest, and Snapchat to create brilliant cut-through advertising.

Social Media Advertising and Media Services

Marketing practice on social media is continuously evolving fast. By partnering with Incycle, you can stay in touch with emerging developments, the latest technologies, and opportunities for your brand to shine on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, or Pinterest. Savvy online marketing campaigns can carve out a competitive advantage.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter now filter the content being shared by brands, so most users no longer see that content even if they are following the brand or page. This places the emphasis on employing creative advertising content in order to reach out and touch the emotions of your target audience.

A major benefit of social media advertising is the access your brand gains to a river of data that flows from social media platforms such as Facebook.

Social Media Advertising Opportunities

Social Media Advertising
  • Drive Traffic: Need to drive more targeted traffic to your website? Social Media Marketing can drive more targeted traffic to your website or to specific landing pages.
  • Content Promotion: Driving the right people to your high-quality content whether images or videos or blog articles, e-books, and white papers can have a huge impact on your brand’s online visibility.
  • Retargeting: Social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter offer incredible tactical opportunities for your brand to re-target your website visitors.
  • List Targeting: Do more with your customer and lead email databases by matching customer records with Facebook and Twitter’s databases to identify marketing opportunities.

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Social Media Advertising