Social Media Community Management

Our 24/7 Social Media Community Management services include; creating social media calendars, posting content on social media platforms and moderating interactions between customers, prospects, and your brand.

Social Media Community Management Services

Managing your brand’s community on social media is a critical part of our social media marketing services. Forging a closer relationship with your followers provides deep insights into the psychology of your audience, critical in understanding what attracts prospects while nurturing their trust plays a pivotal role in converting them into customers and later, brand advocates.

The visibility social media affords a brand that maintains an active presence, translates into word-of-mouth endorsements and revenue down the line.

Compelling Statistics

social media community management
  • Facebook has 136 million monthly users in the Middle East
  • 93% of Facebook users access it on mobile
  • Facebook’s number of active monthly users has tripled since 2012
  • 93% of WhatsApp users use the app daily in the Middle East
  • 62% of young Arabs (18-24) use WhatsApp daily
  • 55% of young Arabs (18-24) use Facebook daily
  • Instagram in the UAE grew from 38% in 2014 to 60% in 2016
  • Instagram in Saudi Arabia grew from 57% to 82%
  • Snapchat in Saudi Arabia grew from 24% to 74% from 2014-16
  • Snapchat in the UAE grew from 15% to 53%
  • Instagram has overtaken Twitter in Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and the UAE
  • Instagram in these markets increased by 24% between 2013 and 2016

Social Media Community Management Service Overview

Incycle Marketing provides a comprehensive social media community management service that acts as an effective marketing tool for brands:

  • Regular content posts: Distribution of images, videos, blog articles, lead magnets, and white papers together with press releases ensures your brand stays visible to your community.
  • Driving website traffic: A significant percentage of website traffic can be sourced from social media. Directing social media audiences to your digital assets, allows you to be in more active in your community relationships. You can re-engage and retarget visitors on other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Google.
  • Opportunity identification: Our team employs enterprise-level tools to scan for brand mentions as well as sales opportunities emerging from social media conversations and posts.
  • Social media strategy and content calendars: All social media community management campaigns demand savvy strategic planning and disciplined execution. Supporting the execution of this strategy are weekly, fortnightly, or monthly content calendars that align brand objectives with activity.
  • Strategic reviews: Our team regularly revisits the big-picture strategy, ensuring your social media activity is driving your brands’ success.

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