Website, CRM & Email Marketing

Looking to build more dynamic capabilities into your current website? Our web development team offer seamless integration of CRMs, email marketing, and marketing automation software options into your website.

Unlock Your Website’s Potential

Your brand's website is its shop window for your customers. In the Middle East’s content-rich online environment, attracting website visitors and generating leads and customers demand a mix of compelling content, a website with customized landing pages and automated email response software.

Configured correctly, your website should be the engine room of your brand’s growth, engaging seamlessly with website visitors, generating leads, nurturing trust amongst your customers, and providing them with compelling reasons to become advocates for your brand.

Today’s generation of smart websites also integrates social media marketing, blog management, email marketing, automated email triggers, and landing pages tailored to optimize online marketing campaigns results into one high-performance package.

Powerful New-Generation Smart Websites

website crm integration email marketing

Today’s smart websites bundle:

  • Sales CRMs to track leads
  • Social media publishing automation and monitoring to track revenue generated through social media
  • A+ rated email marketing systems with on-the-fly tracking functionality
  • Active website page management
  • Create landing pages instantly to support your marketing promotions
  • Add unlimited pages to your website as and when your tactical marketing campaigns require them
  • Add / Edit active forms on your website to support new sales leads, database development, and subscription management

30 Amazing Lead Generation Techniques

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website crm integration email marketing