We don’t take on just anyone.


We don’t take on just any business. It is important to us that we are working with, “Right Fit,” partners. This means that the work we do is focused on realistic goals and expectations are in line with activities. A lot of the time, agencies take on any business, simply because clients are willing to pay. In our experience this only leads to unwanted headaches on both sides. There are several things we look for in partners we work with when assessing their needs and if we are, “Right Fit,” for both parties.

Marketing investment

This is not limited to your financial budget that you have available. This, of course, plays a role in the decision-making process, but an investment in resources, staff and time to make a significant difference to your marketing.

Company wide buy-in

Sometimes, even the most well-meaning plans get stalled before they even begin. We need to know that there is a considered and backed decision to make a shift to, or improve further, inbound marketing efforts. If the whole team isn’t on board, it is unlikely that the project will be able to make much headway.


Having an in-depth understanding of the process of inbound or content marketing is not important, but the desire to improve and transform your marketing knowledge is. Doing things, the Old Way, because that’s how it’s always been done, isn’t conducive to producing the desired business results.


A realization that something within the sales and marketing function of your business needs to improve. You may already be making an effort to change and therefore not sure how to go about it. Willingness to actually take the step towards inbound is a very important factor.


Established revenue

Companies that are generating at least $3m US in revenue and have web traffic of at least 5000 visits per month. Typically this is the minimum requirement that puts companies in the right frame of mind to achieve inbound success.


Are you the right fit?

These are broad criteria to ascertain if you are a, “right fit,” partner, but will give you a good indication as to whether you are ready to begin the inbound transformation process. Schedule a 30 minute marketing assessment to tell us more about your business by clicking the link below.

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