More than likes, shares and followers. Make Social Media your gateway to wider audiences, website traffic and delighted customers.


Social Media Marketing is the new word of mouth. It couples brand authority and intelligent engagement. The right messages, communicated in the right way will strengthen your social media lead generation by forging connections between your audience, your brand and its personality.

We create, curate and conceptualise content across multiple platforms, helping you build the foundation for authentic connections with your customers.

A well designed and thought out social media marketing plan can be the difference between your brand making meaningful connections with potential buyers and company time being wasted posting pictures on social media channels.

At INCYCLE Marketing, we believe that social is the very core of every interaction and design a social media marketing plan that focuses on more than just likes, shares and engagement.

Today’s word of mouth marketing has evolved into a tech-friendly form and it’s called social media. This is the new battleground for brand authority and intelligent engagement.

Social media marketing can be an incredible powerful tool if used correctly. Developing intelligent business objectives for each platform and channel will help your business to understand exactly what your audience wants.

In today’s market, harnessing the power of social media is essential for growing your brand and your business. The truth is in our competitive environment, you can’t afford to ignore it, social media drives traffic, awareness, growth and revenue.

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram have changed the way audiences in the Gulf and beyond search, shop and share. The immediacy of social media also means you’ll know exactly what your customers are thinking and how they are responding to your content, allowing you to interact and refine your product or service offering.
This behavioural change amongst your audience demands a considered social media marketing strategy to maximise your reach and amplify your voice.
Along the way, it’s essential your content aligns with your brand and your tone to ensure everything complements your brand identity.

“Build it, and the will come” only works in the movies. Social Media is a “built it”, nurture it, engage them, and them may come & stay.”

How We Do It.

Social Media Strategy

The key to winning is not the will to win, but the will to prepare to win. We will map out your social media road to winning with an intelligent, creative, and results focused multichannel strategy for social media.

Social Media Management

A strong and stable management team will make the daily social media management for both SME’s and multinationals easy, accurate, and efficient. We will guide you through to success by monitoring, contributing, filtering, and measuring your online interactions, social content, and social presence across all social media channels.

Social Influencer Management

Being cognizant of the importance of performance indicators is not the be all-end all of a successful campaign and not knowing the success parameters to track your campaign performance is like meeting failure head on. We will track and monitor the right metrics to ensure your brand strikes a chord with the audience who matters the most to you.

Social Content Solutions

An intelligent and creative content that doesn’t resonate with your audience will not impact your business positively in any way. We plan, create, and execute engaging content using a data-led approach with your audience and your marketing goals at the center to ensure you cater to their needs.

Paid Social

Paid media is an essential component of brand awareness and revenue growth as well as an effective and scalable means of targeting specific audience. Our team of experts will ensure that your content will get shared, go to the right influencers, and establish you as an industry thought-leader.

Social Monitoring & Reporting

We uses a range of online reputation platforms and social media analytics tools proficiently and efficiently to measure social media conversations and sentiments, test the effectivity of the strategy, deliver actionable insights, as well as make adjustments when and where needed.

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