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PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising)

Red Hot PPC Campaigns That Drive High-Quality, Qualified Traffic

And Shares PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing Is The Quickest Route To ROI For Your Business

Your paid advertising campaigns should be promoting your content and driving you qualified leads.

Your buyer personas and prospects are using search engines on a daily basis to find the answers to their problems. Your PPC campaigns should position your business front and centre as the right solution to their challenges.

The right combination of keywords, adverts, bid strategy, targeting and landing pages will help you to quickly improve your revenue streams, whilst clearly tracking ROI.

Go beyond running adverts and hoping that you get results and set your PPC campaigns up for success with intelligent design and execution.

Upgrade Your Paid Advertising Campaigns

PPC is a powerful tool in your businesses arsenal. Used correctly it can be a consistent and reliable resource for your business to generate leads and direct revenue.

In an ever changing world, PPC techniques change rapidly, meaning you have to keep on top of them to continue to see that success. The INCYCLE PPC team have the skills and expertise to ensure that you constantly remain on top.

Focusing Your Paid Campaigns On The Right PPC Metris

INCYCLE Marketing takes a full-funnel approach to PPC advertising. Our focus is on the results gained from paid advertising, not the volume of keywords used.

In every campaign we cover an exhaustive list of avenues and ensure that every possible direction, advert type, set and copy is covered to give you the best chance of delivering the ROI you are looking for from your PPC campaigns.

We love structure in our campaigns and through the process created by the INCYCLE advertising team, we are able to systematically build a solid and dependable base of adverts for your business.

Our team has a deep understanding of the buyer journey as well as the algorithm that Google uses to show adverts. This means we are always adhering to formula and strategy that will deliver results to beat your competitors.

PPC Advertising kit

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We Are PPC Experts In

Google Ads

Social Media Ads


We Are Certified

The INCYCLE Marketing PPC team is certified through the Facebook Blueprint advertising certificate, as well as a recognised Google partner. This means we understand the advertising platforms to their fullest and are able to use advanced advertising techniques to ensure success across your campaign.

What's In A PPC Campaign?
Campaign Structure

Good PPC campaign structure will ensure that all of your ad sets, keywords and adverts are easily navigable and understandable. We create top-down campaign  structures that keep your account organised.

Display Ads

We deliver visually enticing display banners, using advanced in-market and custom affinity audiences to deliver your message to the right people.


Deliver a compelling custom message to those who have already visited your site. We create high-converting remarketing funnels to capture those who need that extra push.

Landing Pages

A great ad campaign is only half the battle. INCYCLE designs and optimises your ad landing page to ensure maximum conversions..