Cheap SEO Packages: Are They Worth It?

Why you should never buy cheap SEO packages

Beware Cheap SEO Packages!

Beware cheap SEO packagesCheap SEO packages seem to be offered to us everyday by those claiming to be reputable agencies. In the digital time we live in, there are a few advertising and marketing practices which polarize opinion like SEO.

There are those who consider it redundant or an unnecessary cost to the entrepreneurs that commit a sizable chunk of their budgets to search engine optimisation; it continues to inspire debate throughout the business world.

SEO is arguably more significant in today’s competitive online market than it has been at any stage in its history.

The Significance of SEO

On the other hand, the clinic is challenging, especially in highly competitive industries, where a large number of manufacturers continue to strive for a workable market share.

It’s apparent that businesses who invest in good quality SEO and are able to secure consistently substantial positions will achieve a competitive edge over their rivals.

This brings us to the ever-changing nature of customer behaviour, which has evolved substantially since the net has enjoyed exponential expansion. More specifically, consumers are becoming more and more likely to source, reference, and purchase goods online, as they leverage the web and its resources to seek out key points of advice such as relative pricing and availability.

So, brands which rank well in Google’s search results in relation to highly sought after keywords and phrases are in a great position to educate customers and compete for their business while building the bases of trust and making the potential for a long term relationship. If you really need more persuasion on the importance of SEO for your business, read our guide to why you need SEO here.

Why You Should Avoid ‘Cheap’ or ‘Affordable’ SEO Packages

With these factors in mind, it is difficult to question the significance or effectiveness of high-quality SEO from the digital age.

As we’ve already mentioned, execution is key if you’re to capitalise on these trends and leverage SEO successfully on behalf of your business. This usually means that you will need to invest in personalised and high-quality SEO, instead of attempting to reduce costs by choosing an inexpensive provider with a one-size-fits-all mentality.

If you still are not convinced, here are a few compelling reasons to avoid cheap and affordable SEO packages.

1. Cheap SEO Packages Can’t Deliver Even Fundamental Search Engine Optimisation Requirements

Basic SEO servicesIn fundamental terms, both key drivers of SEO are high-quality articles and traffic.

As you would expect, both of these actions are also the most labor and capital intensive, which means they account for a substantial percentage of your search engine optimisation outlay.

At this time, the typical proposal presented by affordable search engine optimisation packages begins to get rid of credibility. This is because the agencies that offer cheap SEO services do so because they lack capital, which makes them unable to create high-quality, long-form content or secure guest article placement on high authority sites.

Long-form articles need to be well-structured and extremely informative, while it needs a great deal of ability plus substantial time investment to craft.

Without the necessary tools to create such articles, low-quality SEO providers often use software to scratch existing online posts and spin them into “new” articles, often at the cost of structure and precise grammar.

Given this content is a direct reflection of your brand and its site, it is a practice which could severely damage your reputation among consumers.

Additionally, these companies can scarcely spare the opportunity to conduct basic link outreach, which frequently results in the cultivation of cheap or poor quality links that offer minimal price.

This should be avoided in all ways since the development of questionable links in high volume is an obsolete tactic that can actually harm your brand’s online performance in today’s age (we’ll have a bit more about that below).

2. Sub-standard Link Building Doesn’t Move the Needle

Bad back linking from cheap SEO packagesQuite simply, the firms that procured the maximum links to their site would achieve positive organic search results, meaning there was little demand for participating content or sustained link outreach.

The matter is that while affordable SEO providers have a tendency to market a similar service nowadays, the disposition of link building has evolved considerably based on Google’s continued algorithm upgrades.

Investing in this type of activity, therefore, puts your brand at significant danger, with Google more likely to penalise cases of inferior quality, mass link construction, and the companies that commission these plans.

If you discover yourself engaging with a company that’s promising to provide cheap SEO Packages, they will probably try to sell themselves on the assumption of offering a high quantity of links.

This means little without the requisite quality, since the odds are that the aforementioned links will be built using automated applications and then printed on inferior quality sites with minimal trust or jurisdiction.

However, with such activity in considerable quantities, this may set your brand at risk of a Google penalty, which might see your website removed from organic search results completely.

Such a sanction takes both a considerable amount of money to undo, so in effect, it’s a lot more efficient and cost-effective to just employ a respectable search engine optimisation service supplier in the first instance.

3. One Size Definitely Doesn’t Fit All

Cheap SEO Packages are one size fits allWhen dealing with affordable search engine optimisation packages, you’ll probably find that providers offer set pricing and options across the board.

This is a genuine red flag to seasoned entrepreneurs, as no two businesses are the same and effective strategies must always be tailored to match the needs, conditions, and goals of each individual customer.

In reality, there are a huge number of factor that will determine what kind of package and growth strategy is ideal for you.

Included in these are fundamental aspects like your budget and the industry that you run in (and its degree of competitiveness), together with with your present SEO standing and whether you’re recovering from a recent sanction or Google penalty.

Similarly, reputable search engine optimisation providers will also want to comprehend the structure and focus on your organisation, paying particular attention to whether it functions locally, nationally or trades overseas.

They’ll also strive to find out the demand for your product or service and seek guidance on your core goals so they’re able to measure their own performance and achieve genuine results for your benefit.

This type of in-depth fact-finding mission is essential to successful search engine optimisation campaigns, as it can help you to maximize your spend and enables service providers to tailor their plans accordingly.

Providers who ask these kinds of questions will also be very likely to provide far more effective support, and recognising that this can help you to make an educated decision.

By way of comparison, remember that cheap search engine optimisation agencies are just focused on procuring a large volume of customers in order to drive earnings, so they’ll take little interest in your small business or its core objectives.

4. You Have No Leverage to Hold Affordable SEO Firms Accountable

No leverage if cheap SEO package doesn't workThe desire of cheap search engine optimisation providers to prioritise a large volume of business would be an interesting one since this produces a simplistic business model that does not allow the cultivation of longterm business relationships.

This can be immensely frustrating for company owners, who must face up to the prospect that have wasted their marketing budget, however much that may be, and must bear the responsibility for this error alone.

This is at odds with the normal small business relationship, where there is a mutual desire among all parties to cultivate longterm interaction and resolve any issues that endanger this union.

Bear in mind; if you receive a generic email from an SEO provider, the odds are that this message was sent to every single email that the company has on its database.

This sort of approach was created solely to build a high volume of business and earn one-off payments as quickly as possible, and it’s indicative of a company that’s not interested in longterm collaboration or bringing any semblance of value for the money.

5. Affordable SEO Providers Can Not Offer a Long-term Strategy

SEO for long term growthSEO takes a long time to have an impact and if anyone promises you results under, say, three months, they’re probably lying. If not, they are certainly doing something black hat, which will come back to bite you in the end.

In reality, it may require a great deal of time to attain positive results through SEO, particularly in competitive sectors or in the event of firms which have been penalised by Google previously.

The formative phases of a search engine optimisation campaign usually require a substantial financial investment without delivering any kind of payoff, that may be frustrating for people who are new to the practice.

Even though you might start to see your organic search rankings increase in the near-term, it often takes far more time to make a coveted position on Google’s first page regarding your predetermined keyword phrases.

Brands that are put prominently on Google’s first page view the largest benefits in terms of the amount and quality of traffic, hence seeing actionable results may take much longer.

This is yet another convincing argument for employing the services of reputable SEO suppliers, as this investment will maintain a longer-term effort that’s more likely to yield benefits.

In contrast, cheap SEO packages will be not able to deliver anything but a simple, short-term effort, and one which will offer little or no value for cash.

The Last Word

While it’s easy to comprehend the attraction of cheap SEO packages in the modern business climate, it’s important that businesses follow the basic principle of assigning worth over price.

In fact, this is especially important in the case of SEO, where the amount that you spend and the sort of service provider has a direct bearing on the outcome which you are able to attain.

This betrays the simple fact that great and effective SEO shouldn’t be economical, as key aspects such as high-quality content production and authority hyperlink outreach price a great deal time and considerable amounts of money.

Hopefully, the arguments in this informative article will convince you to prioritise high-quality SEO over cheap providers later on. This will offer you access to an excellent quality of service and the kind of long-term outcomes that your business craves while enabling you to optimize an integral proportion of your marketing spend.


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